How To Find A Website's Designer

As you scroll through the web I’m sure you have seen your share of great and not so great looking websites. You may even find yourself getting website envy, which could keep you up at night. So since we want you to have an awesome website and a good night sleep I'm going to tell you how to find the publisher of a website. Strap in and join me on this detective journey that lies before us.

Dang that website is sweeettt!

Kind of like an artist placing their signature on a painting, a web designer or company like ours will put a name on the website. Look for the following words on the site, usually at the bottom of the page:

  • Site Managed by…
  • Website Powered by…
  • Site Designed by…

There may be some other variations of the wording, but for the most part it should be simple enough for you to find. 

The bottom of site aka the Footer

So scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll arrive at the footer of the website. In the footer area is where you typically will find the copyright information on one side of the page and on the opposite side you will find the web designer’s name or their contact information.

Sometimes you might not find the website creator’s name at the bottom of the page and you’ll only see the copyright information. Shoot, sometimes, you might just have the copyright information, but no footer at all! Most people at this point throw their hands in the air and just say forget about finding the master website designer, but not you. Read on to find out the few other ways to find this elusive website designer.

There may be special pages

Some websites may have an area/tab called a “CREDITS” page. It’s not often seen, but we have seen it before. This “CREDITS” page is a link to a page that provides credit to all the awesome humans that make the company and website work. It’s a cool way to give thanks and put all the collaborators in one place. This page or link is kind of like an ad page and some businesses worry about the possibility of having this information clutter the main page’s footer real estate. 

Ask and you shall receive

You’ve exhausted your investigative abilities and just need an answer? Ask and you shall receive, hopefully. 

Nothing to be afraid of, just Ask

Go to the websites Contact Us area and a short direct message. Simply give praise on an awesome job finding a talented website designer and ask for their contact information. Who knows, maybe the website designer will even reward their client for the referral of business.

What would be the reason for no credit to the Designer?

There may be an agreement between the designer and the owner of the website. This is not typically seen and you shouldn’t have any issues finding the website creator. If there is an agreement that prohibits the designer to place their name on the website it could because the owner doesn't want competitors to use the same website designer or at least make it challenging for others to find the designer. Another reason could be, because the owner feels that the aesthetics of the website could be compromised by having the website designer’s information on their website.

What to know about an Amazing company that can design your website?

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