How Long Does It Take To Build A Website

Does the thought of having a website and having it built seem like a daunting task? We often get the question from our customers on how long it will take to build a website and that answer depends on a bunch of factors. Keep reading this blog to learn about the factors that could affect the completion of a website and the different options you have when building a website. 

The factors of building a website

Luckily building websites today versus a few years ago is relatively easier. For this reason, some businesses take it upon themselves to build out their website. There are services out there like Wix and Weebly (drag and drop web creators), but even these sites will take time to build out. 

Here a few key ideas to keep in mind when building a website:

Planning out your website:

This process could take a lot of your time, because this is the part where you will choose the website’s layout and function. Keep in mind that you want your site to look good, run good and keep your audience coming back often. 

Where and How:

What platform or services will you use to build your website? You could use one of the many services out there that offer the “Drag and Drop” model, like Wix or Weebly. There are also CMS (content management system platform) platforms like WordPress that provide templates and plugins which will help you get your website built and running. 

Depending on your timeframe and budget you may want to get your site customized by hiring a developer. A developer will work with you to ensure your website is exactly what you want and need for your business. The good news is that you have options when it comes to how you want your site to look and function. 


Are you prepared to build your own site? Will you be able to make building your site a priority? Answering these questions truthfully will give you an idea of how much time you will be able to put into your build. If you're super busy like most business owners are, then this build may take a little longer than you have originally thought.

If you do decide to hire a designer/developer then you need to take into consideration paying a deposit to the designer/developer. Do you have the capital on hand to pay the deposit? Ask the designer/developer where your website falls in their queue of their current work schedule? Sometimes it’s hard to pass up on work even though the person may be too busy to give your website the attention it needs and deserves. Make sure to ask how long on average it takes for them to get back to you when you reach out to them. You want to make sure there is no only great communication, but that it’s prompt too. Most developers work quickly and it’s paramount that if they reach out to you that you respond as quickly as possible to ensure delays are prevented. 


Are you good at designing? Have people told you in the past that you have a “talent” or an “eye” for design? Remember to consider that designing all of the panels and banners for your website takes time and can vary in their time due to how complex they are.

Photo Optimization:

Most people add photos to their website. It is very important to optimize your photos that you place on your website. Optimizing your photos will help with your site’s performance. 

If you are adding photos make sure you are selecting and resizing the photos to fit your site. Also make sure you embed your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) in the Exif data (in a future post we will discuss this).

Add ALT text to each photo and make sure you name your photos as well. If you don’t do this now you will have headaches in the future. 


Alright so you either did the work yourself or hired someone to do it. Now that it’s up and running you need to test it. You will want to test your site on multiple devices and on different browsers to ensure that your website is running the same for the different people/devices visiting your site.


So you start looking at the site and you realize that you would like something changed. Maybe the look just doesn’t resonate with you like it did on day one. Maybe you forgot to add a photo or a panel. Make sure you make all the necessary and wanted revisions now prior to finalizing the site. 


Alright so maybe your site is not perfect, maybe you keep doing revisions, or maybe you're ready to pull the trigger on your dream website. Just remember the more revisions you have the longer it takes to get to the final approval. 

How long will it take?

If you have never built out a website and this is your first one, strap in and start watching some tutorials. 

Maybe you are experienced in building sites or you hire a developer to take on the task of building your website. Typically we have seen sites built in a week or we have seen them take up to 6 months. It all depends on what it is you need and want coupled with the flow of the project. 

If you really write out what it is you want during the planning phase, then the review and final approval will come faster and easier.

Building a good website takes time

Need a Website?

If you are pretty sure you want to hire out a team to professionally build out your website, well guess what, We would love to help you. We will take the time to hop on a call/zoom/facetime and discuss your needs and wants.

We strive to build you the website that best reflects you and your business. Don’t forget that we not only do website builds, but we also offer SEO packages and optimization to help your site get seen and outrank your competitors. Please contact us on our website or call 804-538-3888.

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