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If you are in the real estate business you most likely want a website that will provide your viewers with options to search available properties in their area. The good news is that these types of sites are not as difficult to integrate these options into your website as they once were. It takes some procedural knowledge to put together a great website related to the real estate industry. You may not feel adequately prepared to do it on your own, but do know that there are great website designers out there that can help you put together an awesome website.

What are my options?

There are many different website builders out on the internet that can help you put together a real estate specific website. Let’s take a look at what your options are, but first let’s ask a few questions:

What exactly are your needs?

  • What is your current skill level when it comes to building a website?
  • Does your MLS (multiple listing service) offer integrations?

Make sure you ask and answer these initial questions before starting to go blindly into just building your site. This first step towards building your site will help you strategize your build. Remember, the building of your website will most likely cost you some money. Make sure you have a set budget in mind and try your best to work within those financial boundaries.

What are Your Site Builder Options?

Some site builders that are rather popular right now are WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Squarespace. I am sure there are more that come to the market all the time, but these are the ones we typically see real estate professionals using. Do a little due diligence by going on these site builder websites and get an idea of what they offer. See what features they offer that allow you to put the checks in the box to the answers above and the price is inline with your budget.

MLS Integration is Critical

Not every option you have will be the same and they may react differently to your MLS. Make sure to ask the site builder, prior to spending money, if their system integrates IDX to it. IDX integration allows you to integrate your MLS into your website, which is obviously very important. Also reach out to your MLS and talk to them about what options they suggest that play nicely with your MLS. A common difference we have seen is that some MLS companies have actual plugins and others have iFrame options. Get these answers and then bring these information to your website builder or the site builder platform you are looking at purchasing. 

Although you may find it very easy to drop and drag while building your website, you have to make sure that IDX integration will cooperate with your site. Make sure you are asking your site provider and MLS customer support team questions as you build

Testing Your Site

It is critical that you test your site to make sure your features and outlay look great, along with ensuring that your IDX integration works with both desktop and mobile devices. You want to make sure that your viewers have an easy time using your website, especially making sure that viewers can use the MLS search function with ease. We have noticed the IDX feature will not look exactly the same on a desktop compared to a mobile device, especially if you are using an iFrame option.

Which Site Builder is the Best?

It really comes down to you and what your needs are. As a company we have had great success with WordPress when it comes to building great real estate websites. One of the main reasons we like WordPress is because it provides a good amount of third party plugins. These third party plugins make it easy to integrate the options and features you want on your site, so your visitors will want to stay on your page and keep coming back.

Although our preference as a company is favored towards WordPress doesn't mean that there are not other great options for you. There may even be site builders out there that provide real estate templates where you just have to plug in your information and pretty much launch your new site. In the case of WordPress some of the IDX integration plugins include some fancy tricked out themes which can make it easier for you to implement them into your site.

The wonderful thing is you have options when it comes to building your site. Make sure you do research to ensure your MLS integrates, you like the platform of site builder, and the cost is within your budget. A big thing to know is that your MLS/IDX integration will NOT be Free.

Need a Professionally Built Real Estate Website?

Lead Source Consultants can build you a professionally looking site along with MLS or IDX integration. We will also make sure that the user, whether on a desktop or mobile device, will have a great experience while utilizing your site. It is of vital importance that as your website builder we have a full understanding of your needs. Remember to ask your MLS agency what costs are associated with MLS/IDX integration. If your MLS agency doesn’t provide you with options you want, we can help you find alternative solutions. We are here to help, so please reach out to us at 804-538-3888 or email us at

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