7 Tips to keep you sane and productive while working from home.

We are living in a very different world than just a short 2 years ago. There are so many businesses that have closed their doors or just decided to close their physical doors to have their employees work from home. Speaking from experience, working from home can be a double edged sword. Having 2 young children and a wife who also is running her business from home the walls quickly start closing in on you. Having discipline and a sharp focus on your priorities, coupled with impeccable time management, you can still crush your business goals while working in your PJ’s from home. Keep reading to get some tips that may help you out.

Why are you working from home

Some people have chosen to work from home prior to COVID, but at this time many have been subjected to working from home.

There are a ton of reasons why someone is currently working from home, the common denominator is that working from home needs to still allow you to be an effective worker. Not only do you need to be an effective worker, still, you also need to make sure you can turn ON and OFF the working mode you are in since home needs to still remain your home when your workday is done.

Pick A Comfortable Work Station


The biggest component of continuing your successful career is to stay disciplined to your time management with your top priorities on the forefront of your mind. There are so many distractions at home that can rip you away from your work. Then not only are you ripped away from your work, but it also takes time to get back into your working groove again. This up and down roller coaster ride can lead to a lot of unproductive minutes adding up to hours of unproductivity in the cumulation of months of working from home. This is a new endeavor for many so you will have to pivot and come up with a new game plan in order to keep hitting your company goals.

Make your bed and get dressed:

You still have to mentally be in the work mode even if you don’t necessarily have to physically be at your place of employment. Maybe a professional outfit is not warranted when working from home, but at least a casual outfit that gets you out of your pajamas. Also, make your bed, at least this way you are less likely to jump right back into that amazingly comfortable cloud of a bed you have. Get yourself in the game and out of slack mode, the eyes of management may not be on you so much now that you are working from home, but you still need to be hustling to make that money.

Have a  separate workspace if you can:

If you can’t create a workspace at home, maybe a nearby coffee shop will have to do it. I had to put up French doors in what used to be our formal dining room. The dining room table is gone and now two workstations with noise canceling headphones occupy that space. It has worked out well for us, because we don’t use that room for anything else except work, so we do have other areas in our home we can disconnect from work. Don’t get me wrong, work is still in our face 24/7, but at least there is some physical space between the two.

Stay Away From Social Media


Maybe you used to chill on your coach and just zone out by scrolling Facebook and Twitter, but now that couch has become your workspace. Habits are hard to break and social media is no exception. Make sure that you are mindful of checking your personal social media accounts during your workday, as it is easier to do while out of the office since the setting used to be where you would wind down and check your personal social media accounts. One way to help is turn-off your social media notifications during your working hours.


Use your phone’s calendar to plan out your day and/or use Free task management apps to help implement your day. You also could use a dry erase board to work out your daily To-Do’s, whatever you find useful in planning your day be consistent with using it. Don’t forget to also include breaks, meals, and other important events that may not necessarily be work related. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the benefits of it. If you have a home gym, maybe you are now able to save time from driving to the gym, and you can get a quick workout prior to your workday or in the evening right after work. Since you don’t have your commute you have more time to dedicate to more productive activities. For some people the commute was their time to reflect, drink their coffee in peace, and listen to a great podcast. You still can have these activities in your life, but from the comfort of your workspace as long as you account for them to be entered into your plan of the day.

How to fight off distractions:

It seems like there are endless distractions when working from home, right? So many distractions; from the dog giving you that look that melts your heart, the kids screaming from the top of the stairs saying something embarrassing during your Zoom meeting, and the Amazon deliveries that seem to be an endless barrage of mystery packages that bring you the feeling of Christmas morning there are new obstacles fighting for your workday attention. Having your day planned, sticking to your schedule, and staying disciplined to sticking to your plans are essential to being successful.


You may be able to set your hours as long as your work gets completed and is on completed in the time allotted. If projects are taking longer than usual it’s understandable, just make sure you are aware and tracking the deadlines and scheduling your days to hit your deadlines. This might mean you have to wake up earlier than you used to due to your time to complete projects taking longer, due to other factors that were not present prior to Covid. Don’t beat yourself over this fact, as life has changed for just about every human on this planet. Maybe you are not a morning person and so you may have to work later into the evening or on weekends for a little bit to make sure you are still productive. Be aware that you may have to plan your projects and adjust your schedule to adhere to the new working environment.

Don’t Forget about your Mental and Physical Health:

Do not forget to keep your mental and physical health in check. Start your day with a great workout, a good book, or meditation. You now might have the time to walk your dog around the block during one of your scheduled breaks. Maybe you have a lot of Zoom calls or webinars that don’t require you to be on the webcam and you don’t have to talk. This would be a great time to dust off that treadmill that quickly became a catch all for your dirty laundry and do some walking while listening in to the calls. Have your water bottle next to you and continue to hydrate throughout the day and keep the snacks away from you while working. It’s easy to zone out and munch at your desk since you are in the comfort of your own home. I have found that taking the kids to the local park to play outside while I eat my lunch is also a great way to enjoy your lunch break.

Stay Healthy

Breathe, You Will Be ok

Your environment may be different, but that doesn’t mean your goals have to suffer. In fact, this change could help you not only improve upon your work life it may also be a change that could help you improve your personal life as well. Whether this new way of working from home is temporary or not, no matter what, you have to adapt and overcome the shortfalls of your current situation and fall forward. By implementing the 7 tips above you have the ability to plan out your day and make it a success if you take the steps necessary to set up your days for success. It would be easy for all of us to just pull the covers over our head and wish things went back to normal, but we all know that’s not going to happen.


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