3 Website Essentials That Will Give You More Time and Money

We have seen some amazingly beautiful websites that at the end of the day just suck at bringing any monetary value to the business. Your website needs to be working just as hard for you in the online world as you are working on providing your service or product to the real world. Let’s go over three main components to a website that you need to have incorporated asap as to not lose out on the revenue benefits of each.  

  1. Traffic Generator

Ask yourself, why do you have a website, and what is the purpose of that website in relation to your business? although you may want your website to be beautiful it does your business no good if no one ever comes to your website. It’s like having a great painting only to be covered up in the back of your garage. Bring that thing to the light and shout it from the mountain tops of the online world. These hypothetical mountain tops would be to get your traffic from sources like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and well-written Blogs. 

  1. Call To Action

Once you get traffic coming to your website you now need to have those visitors do something that is provoked by your website. A Call to Action would be a specific response that you want your visitors to partake in and do so willingly in order for you to push them further into the pipe-line of going from interested to buying. After implementing your Traffic Generator gameplan you will start to see the data show your website is increasing in visitors. That’s cool, but if you don’t create a compelling and specific call to action then you may be at fault for not guiding your visitors to take action. A call to action could be a BUY NOW button, or a web form submit box that asks for visitors’ information to get on your mailing list. Whatever the case maybe you need to ensure your Call to Action is highly visible and shown consistently throughout your website. 

  1. Re-targeting

Not every visitor wants what you have the first or third time they visit your website. Provide value and do so freely. You want your visitors to know and trust you as the source for answering their questions and providing them with consistent value. Facebook is one great platform that allows you to utilize re-targeting. Facebook makes retargeting simple with Facebook pixel and collecting email addresses allows you to gently remind your visitors of the value you provide. Facebook pixel is a piece of code that goes on your website which allows you to measure, optimize, and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Remember that when building your list or audience you want to make sure you provide a valuable incentive for visitors to “opt-in”. 

Traffic generator, call to action, and retargeting are 3 components that are essential to having your website kicking out some major ROI. If you are not seeing revenue being generated from your website then we seriously need to have a discussion, because you are missing out on a resource that brings you cash without your constant attention and time. After all, your most valuable asset is time, so give us a call and get some of your TIME back!

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